Biodynamic training centers worldwide

One project that was concretised at the Biodynamic Trainer & Teacher Conference in 2019 is the digitalisation of the collection of existing biodynamic training places worldwide. All biodynamic training initiatives and training centres, as well as their offers and contact details, should be visible to all in an online map.

The map is the result of a joint initiative of the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum, the Biodynamic Federation-Demeter international, and many biodynamic educators and trainers.

Did we miss a training initiative? Please get in touch with us so that we can record your data!

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Biodynamic Trainer & Teacher Conference

Unfolding potential - building capacity for a common development in biodynamics

7th - 9th November 2019 in Dornach, Switzerland

Last week, we were privileged to welcome people from all over the world at the biodynamic trainer & teacher conference in Dornach. Around 80 participants from 27 countries gathered at the Goetheanum to talk about the concerns and the future of biodynamic education. Open-minded several smaller and bigger education initiatives were presented. Open-minded, the people listened.

The programme left enough space for an intensive exchange of experiences and networking, which was one of the main concerns of the participants. Also, the five working groups were able to work in greater depth on current issues and develop joint visions or concrete actions for the future. By this it seemed, the methodology or the way was also the goal.

 We wish the participants, on the one hand, inspiration and continuous learning, on the other hand, the gift to create places and atmospheres - for themselves and the students - so that the individual potentials can unfold. Thank you very much for your participation! In between, we will prepare the outputs of the conference for you! 

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Training Strategy for the biodynamic movement

A collaborative project of the Section for Agriculture and Demeter International with the aim to support people and organisations from the biodynamic movement in their work and further development and to create a worldwide offer of qualified trainers and educational institutions, which serves the whole community.

Jean-Michel Florin & Petra Derkzen (Demeter International)

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