International working group on biodynamic fruit production

The orchard is a vital part of the biodynamic farm where etheric and astral forces play a significant role in the farm organism and even in the whole landscape. The trees and insects, the colourfull blossom and finally the fruits gives us a lot of joy and the process during the year is so asthonishing that you wonder why not all farmers are fruitgrowers.

We can also say that it is complex and difficult to understand what is going on in an orchard, and it is hard to grow a tasty and beautiful apple, even for a professional grower. We wonder how this culture is going to develop in future and how we as biodynamic farmers can play a role there.

The international working group on biodynamic fruit production is founded in 2001 and is open to professional growers who feel the need to develop their skills, their farms and the biodynamic fruitcultures as a group. The group meets twice a year, in summer visiting fruitfarms and in winter deepening their knowledge. Members come from different countries in Europe (D, CH, Slo, I, F, NL).

Next dates are:

  • Winter meeting from 12th January 20 until 14th January 20 (Dottenfelderhof, Bad Vilbel, DE)
  • Summer-Meeting 12. – 15. July 2020 (Vintschgau / Südtirol)

Language spoken: German and possibly in English.



-Biologisch-dynamische Qualität im Obstbau:

-Biodynamic Fruit varieties:


If you are interested to join the group please send a message to the coordinator of the group: Piet Korstanje: email:


Piet Korstanje


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