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1. Organic World Congress 2020 (OWC)  
URL: /en/einzelansicht/organic-world-congress-2021-owc
in Rennes, France
Pre-conference biodynamic research 21 September 2020
2. Conference "Biodynamic agriculture and hybrid varieties"  
URL: /en/einzelansicht/8030
Save the Date  
3. Agriculture Conference 2020  
URL: /en/lwt/2020
Finding the spirit in agriculture - Annual International Conference of the biodynamic movement  
4. working group on biodynamic fruit production - Winter meeting  
URL: /en/einzelansicht/7781
from 12th January 20 until 14th January 20 (Dottenfelderhof, Bad Vilbel, DE)

5. Shaping the Future  
URL: /en/shaping-the-future-2020
[Translate to en:] Intensive study week – Knowledge an tools for those carrying responsibility in the biodynamic movement  
6. Nutrition Circle  
URL: /en/einzelansicht/nutrition-circle2020
International Working Group with Nutrition Experts. Study Meeting By invitation. Jasmin Peschke  
7. International Biodynamic Banana Conference  
URL: /en/einzelansicht/international-biodynamic-banana-conference
New: Lake George, NY, USA    
8. Meeting: Economy Council  
URL: /en/einzelansicht/7918
By invitation.  
9. Biodynamic Trainer & Teacher Conference  
URL: /en/events/events/biodynamic-trainer-teacher-conference
[Translate to en:] Unfolding potential - building capacity for a common development in biodynamics
7th - 9th November 2019 at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

10. 2020  
URL: /en/lwt/2020
Wednesday, 5. February, 3 p.m. Welcome "Rudolf Steiner – 100 years ahead of the science of his time" André Leu (English) The biodynamic movement was the first of the formal organic…  
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