Seed as a cultural asset

Seed is an ongoing topic in the Section. We are working on three strands of this at present:

  1. How can biodynamic plant breeding be financed in the long term? We are working with a network for the implementation of the idea of a crop plant pro mille fund.
  2. In Demeter vegetable growing, hybrid varieties are frowned on in theory but in practice are widespread: how can we resolve this contradiction? A core group has started work on this.
  3. Continuing professional development for breeders: the third professional development week for those working in biodynamic breeding initiatives took place in January 2019. The Section is a partner in this initiative which is organised by the Fund for Crop Plant Development.

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19-21 March 2020, at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

As a biodynamic community we want to grow open-pollinated varieties that we have bred ourselves and this is what we communicate. At the same time, in commercial biodynamic vegetable growing hybrid varieties from the big seed companies have a strong presence on the market. In order to discuss and resolve this dilemma, the Section, in collaboration with Demeter International, is launching a process lasting several years. 

Further information: Meeting of experts "Biodynamic agriculture and hybrid varieties - a step to solving a dilemma"

Breeding as a source for real economy, law and culture

February 8, 2017, the authors Johannes Wirz, Ueli Hurter and Peter Kunz presented the final study of their project "Seeds as a commons" to the public in the rooms of the cereal breeder Peter Kunz in Feldbach.

Seeds as a Commons: Breeding as a source for real economy, law and culture, 2017, PDF

Saatgut - Gemeingut - Züchtung als Quelle von Realwirtschaft, Recht und Kultur, 2. Auflage 2017, PDF

I semi, un bene comune - Il miglioramento genetico come fonte di economia reale, diritto e cultura, 2017, PDF

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