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Founding the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International

What is being founded? - What will happen to DI and the IBDA? - How does the BFDI function? - When will the new federation be founded? - Who can take part? - What is the significance of this foundation?

What is being founded?

A new international organisation will be founded during the next Agricultural Conference 2020. The aim is to have a common international umbrella organisation for all the associations in all countries. It will bring together the groups which represent and support the biodynamic impulse and the Demeter associations which lead and certify the trademark in an international family. This is why the new organisation is to be called the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International (BFDI).

What will happen to DI and the IBDA?

Demeter International (DI) will be incorporated into the new federation i.e. the new organisation is the legal successor to DI. This means that it will take over the existing working structures and there will be no interruption to the working relationships, working processes, certifications, payments, etc. However, the new federation will not continue Demeter International's concentration on regulations and certification but will foster the entire range of topics relating to biodynamics. The new federation aims to form a contact point and support for the many young associations in the different countries.
The IBDA (International biodynamic Association) will remain a legal entity because the trademark rights are registered to IBDA and cannot be transferred. The IBDA will, however, lose its organisational autonomy and will have the same members and board as the new federation.
It could be said that the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International is the merger of DI and the IBDA.

How does the BFDI function?

The BFDI statutes have been developed during 2019 in an extensive process with the members of DI and the IBDA. The meeting will make a democratic decision on the adoption of these statutes. Important reforms are:
1) Every country has a vote. If there are several member organisations from the same country, they will need to agree on voting.
2) The Section for Agriculture has a right to a seat on the 8-strong board.
3) The collective licensing revenues will be used to support countries where the movement is still in the early stages.
4) Objectives of equal importance in the new federation are a reliable certification, strengthening the market position and the development of the biodynamic impulse.
The new federation will work in close cooperation with the Section for Agriculture.

When will the new federation be founded?

The founding meeting has four parts:
1. Thursday 6 February, 14.00-15.00 hrs (register with working group 45)
2. Friday 7 February, 14.00-15.00 hrs
3. Saturday 8 February, 14.00-15.00 hrs
4. Saturday 8 February, 16.00-16.30 hrs in the Main Auditorium

Who can take part?

The foundation meeting is open to all interested individuals. Representatives of member organisations should be present for all four parts. A legally valid proxy form is required in order to be able to vote.

What is the significance of this foundation?

This foundation marks a very important step in the development of the worldwide Biodynamic and Demeter Movement. It is a step from Europe into the world, it is a step towards a development community, to a new balance of biodynamic places and Demeter products, a step to a large alliance for our earth, it is a step to fully valuing all people who are connected to the impulse.

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