• Esteban Acosta

    Esteban - Acosta

    Biodynamic coffee. Café biodinámico. Preparados biodinámicos para e trópico, fertilidad de suelos. Tropical preparations, soil fertility for tropics.

  • Simon - Blaser

    on the own farm, agroforestry, fruit and vegetable; experience: milk and dairy, cows and water buffalos, artisanal food processing teacher Curso Fundamental by AABDA Argentina and in bd course in Brasil

  • Peter - Brul

    agricultural advise & chain development/marketing

  • João - CASTELLA

    Adivory; Consultancy

  • Andrea D'Angelo Lazzarin

    Andrea - D'Angelo Lazzarin

    advisor and extension work on preparations, landscape, agricultural individuality. Teaching on the bd trainings courses; research.

  • Marios Dessyllas

    Marios - Dessyllas

    Soil Regeneration and Humus formation (with BD) as a way to both, the success of a farm enterprise and securing of food supplies for our future. Biodynamic Viticulture. Reconnection with Nature. Gothean view of plants.

  • Dimitris Dimitriadis
  • Reto Ingold

    Reto - Ingold

    Farm and project development, Conversion, Product and product chain development

  • Jaison J - Jerome

    Small farmers training on Organic and Biodynamic farming system for all tropical crops, instaling ICS documentation system in small farmers project, Tea cultivation, Biodynamic preparations production, forming producer company,

  • Piet Korstanje

    Piet - Korstanje

    Fruitproduction: Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums


    Consultant for companies in matters of seeds and organic fertilizers. Advisor for Biosporos customers of organic seeds and fertilizers, including advises for plant pathology and organic plant protection.

  • michele lorenzetti
  • Mahesh Lourdes - Melvin

    Vegetables, BD preparation, Spices, Coffee, Cereals

  • Klaus Merckens

    Klaus - Merckens

    Tropical and Subtropical Farming, Rural development. Advisory and support of individuals and organizations in development cooperation with project planning and implementation. Experience in the integrative management of projects, from finance procurement to final report drafting.

  • Ingo Mordhorst

    Ingo - Mordhorst

    Biologisch dynamische Wirtschaftsweise Zuckerrohranbau

  • Julius - Obermaier

    Biodyn. Entwicklungen in allen Klimata

  • Rene Piamonte

    Rene - Piamonte

    advisor, trainer, coach on biodynamic agriculture and project management. Holistic approach. Advisory of bd projects on vitiviniculture, horticulture, fruitculture, sugarcane, coffee, cacao, ginger, amaranth, quinoa, avocado, banana, blueberry, pears & apples, among the main ones.

  • Miss Jimena Rabago

    Miss Jimena - Rabago

    Agroecological integrated farm design consultancy, BD farming facilitator. Composting, compost tea and soil ecology research. Baja California, Mexico.

  • Hans Supenkaemper

    Hans - Supenkaemper

    Facilitator for Biodynamic Farming, Biodynamic Preparation Work, CMC Composting, Compost Extraction, Spiritual Composting & Social Development

  • Carsten Tiede

    Carsten - Tiede

    Conversion from conventional to organic and bio-dynamic systems in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Enthusiast for holistic programs, advising,teaching,coaching for a lifelong learning. We can help each other and learn from each other.

  • André Tranquilini

    André - Tranquilini

    Seed production, education and preparations.

  • Michael Weiler

    Michael - Weiler

    Bienenleben, Bienenwesen, Bienenhaltung - Demeter-Bienenhaltung und ökologisch orientierte Imkerei; Hintergrund der Biologisch-Dynamischen Wirtschaftsweise - Bee life, beenature and spirit, beekeeping Demeter or biodynamic beekeeping and ecologically oriented beekeeping; Background of the Biodynamic Cultivation Methods