International Biodynamic Advisory

In cooperation with Demeter International and IBDA, the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum wishes to support the development of biodynamic projects by acting as a coordination and network body. For the development of own projects it is recommended to consult a Biodynamic advisor; also for certification according to Demeter guidelines the cooperation with a advisor can be a necessary requirement.

The Biodynamic Advisors in this database have signed a charter which describes the working methods of Biodynamic Advisory Services and provides a commitment and trustworthy basis. In addition, we are currently working on a quality system which, on the one hand, will stimulate and promote biodynamic consultants and, on the other hand, will create quality and transparency for customers.

Feel invited to have a look at directory of biodynamic advisors to find the right person to support your projects in Biodynamic Agriculture. Please note that the inclusion in the list is currently not yet subject to any qualification:


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International Quality System for Biodynamic Advisors

The Quality System for International Biodynamic Advisors aims to create transparency and a common basis for qualitative advisory work in biodynamics. We want to jointly form a network of national and international advisers who wish to strengthen and further develop the biodynamic movement. The advisers commit to the jointly agreed principles of the biodynamic advisory services by signing a charter. Quality assurance and quality development will be supported by the advisers' participation in regular reflection, evaluation and professional development. Further information on the process can be found in the following documentation: International Quality System for Biodynamic Advisory.

The International Quality System is in the test phase until autumn 2019. Please note that no qualifications will be awarded until the system is introduced. If you are interested in entering the test phase or have any questions, please contact Thank you very much for your patience.


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