Nutrition Circle

International Working Group with Nutrition Experts.

Study Meeting

By invitation.

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Shaping the Future

Intensive study week – Knowledge an tools for those carrying responsibility in the biodynamic movement

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working group on biodynamic fruit production - Winter meeting

from 12th January 20 until 14th January 20 (Dottenfelderhof, Bad Vilbel, DE)

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Congreso de Agricultura 2020

Descubriendo el espíritu en la agricultura - Conferencia anual internacional del Movimiento Biodinámico

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International Biodynamic Advisors Meeting & Training

Our next meeting will take place as usual after the Agriculture Conference 2020 on Sunday, 9th February and on Monday 10th February, we will organize…

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The Goetheanum Adult Education Programme (GAEP) Module 1


Practices • Challenges • Paradigms For trainers, educators and instructors in Anthroposophic professional and vocational…

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Goethes Faust 1&2

Von Gretchen zu Greta – Wie hältst du es mit dem Klimawandel?

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