Training for Biodynamic agriculture

The Section for Agriculture organised a workshop for the professional development of biodynamic educators in January 2016. The aim was to further the exchange of good practices and thereby strengthen the community of biodynamic teachers.

The workshop report is available for download.



Training in biodynamic agriculture

Argentina - Curso Fundamental

Australia - Biodynamic Education Centre

Belgium - Landwijzer

France - Le Mouvement de l'Agriculture Biodynamique


Landbauschule Dottenfelderhof

Freie Ausbildung im Norden

Freie Ausbildung im Osten

Freie Landbauschule Bodensee

Freie Ausbildung NRW und Hessen

Great Britain:

Biodynamic Agricultural Association Apprenticeship scheme

Biodynamic Agricultural College (distance learning)

Biodynamic Agricultural Training at Emerson College

The Netherlands - Warmonderhof


South Africa - 2 year apprenticeship diploma

Spain - various courses

Sweden - Skillebyholm


Fachausbildung für biologisch-dynamische Landwirtschaft

Gartenbauschule Hünibach


Angelic Organics learning centre

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

North-American Biodynamic Apprenticeship programme

Pfeiffer Center

Rudolf Steiner college