Training in biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic Trainer & Teacher Conference

Unfolding potential - building capacity for a common development in biodynamics

7th - 9th November 2019 in Dornach, Switzerland

In November 2019 the Goetheanum is hosting a three-day conference on worldwide biodynamic training and further education. Sharing personal experience contributes to realising our own potential, and extending our knowledge and methods creates new resources and inspiration for further development.

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Training Strategy for the biodynamic movement

A collaborative project of the Section for Agriculture and Demeter International with the aim to support people and organisations from the biodynamic movement in their work and further development and to create a worldwide offer of qualified trainers and educational institutions, which serves the whole community.

Jean-Michel Florin & Petra Derkzen (Demeter International)

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Ägypten /Egypt
Heliopolis University for sustainable development:

Argentinien / Argentina
Asociación para la Agricultura Biológico Dinámica de Argentina:

Australien / Australia
Biodynamic Education Centre:
My food garden:

Belgien / Belgium

Brasilien / Brasil
Associação Biodinâmica:
Instituto Elo:

ABDChile - Asociación de Agricultura Biológico-Dinámica A.G.:

Deutschland / Germany
Landbauschule Dottenfelderhof:
Ausbildung im biologisch-dynamischen Landbau im Norden:
Ausbildung im biologisch-dynamischen Landbau im Osten:
Ausbildung im biologisch-dynamischen Landbau im Westen:
Freie Landbauschule Bodensee:
Landwirtschaftliches Grundjahr Rengoldshausen:
Uni Kassel-Witzenhausen:

Frankreich / France
Le Mouvement de l'Agriculture Biodynamique:

Grossbritannien  / Great Britain
Biodynamic Agricultural College - apprentice scheme and distance learning:
Ruskin Mill Trust - Biodynamic Training:
Crossfield Institute Group:

Biodyamic Association of India:

Kanada /Canada
Saugeen River CSA:

Neuseeland / New Zealand
Taruna College:

Niederlande/ The Netherlands

Österreich / Austria
Lehr- und Forschungsgemeinschaft für biodynamische Lebensfelder:

abdPeru-Biodynamic Agriculture Association of Peru:

ABIOP - Associação Biodinâmica Portugal,Introduction course:

Rumänien / Romania
Ferma Ecologica Topa. Mail:

Schweden / Sweden

Schweiz/ Switzerland
Fachausbildung für biologisch-dynamische Landwirtschaft:
Gartenbauschule Hünibach:

Skandinavien / Scandinavia
The BINGN Apprenticeship Program

Spanien/ Spain
Asociación para la agricultura biodinámica en españa:
Biodinamica tierra viva:
Dreiskel Biodinamica SL, Tarragona:
Instituto para la Formación en Agricultura Biodinámica:

Süd Afrika/ South Africa
Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Southern Africa:

Angelic Organics learning centre:
Hawthorne Valley Farm Biodynamics:
Michael Fields Agricultural Institute:
North-American Biodynamic Apprenticeship programme:
Pfeiffer Center:
Rudolf Steiner college:
The Nature Institute:


Online Courses:
Maharishi University - Biodynamic Agriculture: