Report of the Agriculture Conference 2020

|   LWT-2020

Finding the Spirit in Agriculture

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Book: Perspectives and Initiatives in the Times of Coronavirus

|   Literature

will be published by Rudolf Steiner Press on 4 August

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Report of the Agriculture Conference 2019

|   LWT-2019

Land and economy - agriculture between the farm and the world

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Book (only in german): Assoziatives Wirtschaften

Created by Rudolf Isler, Ueli Hurter | |   SLW News

This article is only available in German.

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Report of the Agriculture Conference 2018

|   Report of the Agriculture Conference

The Preparations - The Heart of Biodynamic Agriculture

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Worldwide Practice of Biodynamic Preparation Work - The Case Studies

Created by Ueli Hurter | Dr. R. Ingold | Dr. M. Kolar | J. Schönfelder | Dr. A. Sedlmayr | A. van Leewen | |   Literature

The eight biological-dynamic preparations belong to the central elements of Biodynamic Agriculture as constitutional remedies for the agricultural…

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Listen to the farmer - Report about the journey to India by the biodynamic movement

Created by Jean-Michel Florin | |   Literature

In the last circular letter no.112, we announced the publication of a special issue on the recent trip to India by the Agriculture Section.  We…

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