Training for cooks from France

Created by Jasmin Peschke | |   Nutrition
From 22 to 25 February, 25 cooks, teachers, a nutrition consultant and a bee-keeper absorbed theoretical and practical suggestions for dynamic cooking practice.

"Let the pearl shine every day" is the motto of Heinz Fendrich, the chef at the Sonnenhof in Arlesheim. The pearls are his colleagues in the kitchen whom he views as being part of a learning "community of destiny". This attitude, the quiet and attentiveness during the daily preparation of meals for 500 people, made a very big impression on the participants, especially because in most professional kitchens things can get pretty harsh. During a three day training at the Goetheanum, 25 cooks, teachers, a nutrition consultant and even a bee-keeper were able to experience the theory and practice of how biodynamics in cultivation, the threefold nature of the plant and the human being, and dynamic nutrition all flow into a dynamic kitchen, how even at a large scale the Klinik Arlesheim with its wide range of needs (wards, restaurant, etc.) functions. The chefs from the Goetheanum's surroundings, Heinz Fendrich (Sonnenhof Arlesheim), Sabine Hagg (Klinik Arlesheim), Andreas Kaiser (Anfora Dornach) and Hermann Spindler (former Lukasklinik), opened their doors during normal business and shared everything from experiences and concepts all the way to recipes from their exemplary kitchens.

For those who had travelled from the far corners of France, the programme offered the maximum in a small format, such as the red cabbage which was cut up for a Goethean observation with Jean-Michel Florin. The fact that Rudolf Steiner's Representative of Man can be related to nutrition was new for everyone. All were enthusiastically involved with energy, curiosity and enjoyment from the morning eurythmy with Riho Peter-Iwamatsu to late evening discussions on the experiences of the day. Ina Chesnier from the kitchen of the Waldorf School in Avignon who organised the group is more than satisfied that everyone took away new ideas for their daily work. "I am really pleased that the special value of our kitchens which have been practising a sustainable and future-oriented nutrition since they started, has been recognised and appreciated," Jasmin Peschke summed up.