International Professional Group for Herb and Medicinal Plants of the Section for Agriculture


At the Agriculture Conference in February 2017, a professional group for Herbs and Medicinal Plants as part of the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum was founded. It was created on the initiative of Ola Aukrust, a many sided grower of spices and plants for teas from Norway, together with Michaela Spaar, herbalist and cultural historian from Switzerland.


The aim of this group is to realise and network the various projects and initiatives in the Biodynamic cultivation and processing of herbs and medicinal plants. In addition, there should also be enough space for the exchanging of experiences and the following-up of research questions. So far, the group communicates in German, English and French. The wish is that various countries from Europe and overseas are represented in the group in order to maintain an international exchange.


A collaboration between Hortus Officinarum (Association for Biodynamic Seeds of Medicinal Plants) and the Netzwerk Kräuter (Association for the Promotion of Medicinal, Herb/Spice and Cosmetic Plant Cultivation in Baden-Württemberg, Germany) has already begun.

Steering group

In August 2017, a steering group was formed, which is committed to the development of the group. The coordination has been taken over by Michaela Spaar.

At the annual Agricultural Conference at the Goetheanum there will be opportunities to talk and meet at the professional group meeting. Other events and excursions will be organized.

Twice a year a newsletter is published in German, English and French.

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