Worldwide Biodynamic Advisory

The Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum in cooperation with IBDA and Demeter International wants to support the farmers to convert and to develop their  projects in biodynamic agriculture by coordinating biodynamic advisory work world wide. 
It can be a recommended and an important step in biodynamic farming to reflect one's plans with 
the help of a Biodynamic advisor. Biodynamic advisors are available worldwide. 

They have different  profiles, skills and interests. They speak different languages and are luckely located in your region. They have expierences in different fields of work like production, processing, trading and others.
To help to find your appropriate consultant and to get an overview of all the options, the Section has created this database after the conference for biodynamic advisory work in February 2016 in Dornach.

Please feel free to browse our data base to find a reliable working partner for your development in biodynamic agriculture.

Biodynamic advisors who are listed in this data base have signed a charter. In this charter the way of work is laid down and made transparent. This is to make Biodynamic advisory work reliable and trustfull.
Biodynamic advisors listed in this data base train themselves continiously to improve the quality of their work, notably by

  • studying the foundation of Biodynamic agriculture and the Agriculture Course of Steiner;
  • training with other advisors/consultants, notably through participating in working groups to exchange about each other’s' activities and experiences (national and international) and by participating whenever possible in the International Advisors' Meeting at the Goetheanum or elsewhere and stay in contact with advisors and the Section;
  • participating in a local preparation making group;
  • participating in Biodynamic training courses of other individuals and organisations;

The complete charter for bioynamic advisors you find here: CHARTER for Biodynamic advisory work.pdf


How to become a biodynamic advisor:

The basic knowledge for biodynamic advisory comes from biodynamic farming practice and additional agronomic, scientific, technical, social and spiritual knowledge.Persons interested to become an advisor find their first starting point at their local or national biodynamic associations. 

To get more information about biodynamic advisory work please write to the Section for agriculture

If you feel sure about the responsability to offer your services to upgrowing biodynamic projects and their farmers, you can sign the charter and hand it in with your explanative CV to the Section:

In the same time you can upload your data to our database. Your data will be published after verification by the coordinator of the Section.

Feel free to address your questions to

The Section for agriculture is not responsible for the data of the advisors. They stay at any moment fully responsible for it.