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82. Interview with Ueli Hurter about the Agriculture Conference  
Michael Olbrich-Majer: The number of participants brought quite a buzz to the conference, there were many convincing and well-tried attempts at achieving a fair and sustainable production chain…
83. Associative economics promoted at several levels  
Strategic meeting of the Charter Community for Associative Economic Activity.
85. Training for cooks from France  
From 22 to 25 February, 25 cooks, teachers, a nutrition consultant and a bee-keeper absorbed theoretical and practical suggestions for dynamic cooking practice.
86. Soil lifeforms: biodynamic + 60 % in comparison to conventional agriculture!  
The long-term DOK trial, the oldest and most important of its kind worldwide, in which the three farming sys-tems biodynamic, organic and conventional are being compared, is celebrating its birthday.
87. Review: Agriculture Conference 2019  
Reports, photos, videos and more will give you an insight into an inspiring conference with 800 people from 40 countries.
89. Horn manure for the economic sphere  
Review of the Agricultural Conference 2019
90. Biodynamics in China: Interview with Thomas Lüthi  
Honorary President of Demeter International, former gardener and Biodynamic farming instructor in Järna, Thomas Lüthi, has had a special relationship with Demeter in China since the Solar Eclipse…
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