160 :
71. Organic World Congress 2020 (OWC)  
in Rennes, France
Pre-conference biodynamic research 21 September 2020
72. Life-centred Farming  
Wide-ranging research in biodynamic agriculture
73. working group on biodynamic fruit production - Summer meeting  
from 7th July 19 until 10th July 19 (Bodensee and Solothurn, CH)
74. Report of the Agriculture Conference 2019  
Land and economy - agriculture between the farm and the world
75. Biodynamics in the World - April 2019  
Dear members and friends of Biodynamic farming, Social values are an essential part of our self-image in the Biodynamic movement. This is demonstrated by many of our partners on their farms and in…
77. 3rd International Biodynamic Olive Growers meeting  
from 16th April 2019 until 17th April 19 in La Molazza Sas, Contrada Mezofato, Calabria, Italy.

78. From field to plate – Food Systems  
Report from the specialist forum at the Agriculture conference 2019
80. Bericht zur Züchterweiterbildung im Januar 2019  
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