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Youth and agriculture - exchange at the Agriculture Conference

"Believe me, I have experienced it, you will find much more in the woods than in the books; Trees and stones will teach you what no teacher will tell you." Bernard of Clairvaux

Who is the nature that encloses us, which gives us every basis for our existence? Nature has been perceived by humans as living being in all epochs. In different cultures there were similar terms for her: Native-American Pachamama, Indian Sita, Roman Tellus or Terra, Germanic Nerthus, Greek Gaia or our Natura. The same attributes are found for these beings of God everywhere, although at that time there was no exchange between the peoples. These cultures have intuitively described the same being and told beautiful legends and stories in mythology about their encounter with nature.
What is the concept of nature in our modern culture? How does nature speak to us today? How can we hear and understand the language of nature? Can nature be our teacher on the path of self-knowledge?


We want to move these questions within us and invite all young people to exchange ideas together:

On Wednesday 05.02 at 09:00 we meet in the glass house for breakfast together and at 10:00 we start. The first part lasts until 11:15 a.m. The second and third meetings will then take place in the official part of the conference on Thursday 06.02 and Friday 07.02 from 15:15 to 16:30. Please register for Wednesday under and bring enough food for breakfast. Speaking of youth: as a youth, we all understand until our 36th birthday.

We look forward to seeing you!

With wintry greetings,
Jiří Prachař & Florian Wagner

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