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Intensive study week 2016 - Shaping the future

Knowledge and tools for those carrying responsibility in the biodynamic movement

The Intensive Study Week „Shaping the future“ is travelling! From 11 – 15 January 2016 the Intensive Study Week will be held in French for the first time. It will be organized by the MABD and take place near Munster in Alsace.

The Intensive Study Week will be „back“ in the Glashaus and take place from 28th of February to the 4th of March 2016 at the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum. For the second time, this workshop will be held in German and English.

The intensive study week is a workshop for people who are active in the organic or the biodynamic movement and who want to take a new creative step for their farm, organisation or enterprise.

The intensive study week is based on the U-process developed by Claus-Otto Scharmer and the work is run using mainly dialogue methods. Each participant will work with his/her own question or project. In this way, the method for shaping the future is learned as well as concrete solutions for the current situation are found. In-depth contributions out of anthroposophy on the method and on topical issues complement the work and provide impulses for it.

The number of participants is limited to enable intensive exchange and cooperation.



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