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International Biodynamic Banana Conference

New: Lake George, NY, USA  

In recent years, the Demeter banana sector has developed dramatically. 
This rapid growth poses challenges and raises a number of questions: 
How can biodynamic principles be realised in a plantation culture? 
How do we gain a broader understanding of the banana plant? 
What does it take to get closer to the biodynamic ideal, the closed farm organism? 
What possibilities are there to reduce the plastic load along the entire chain from cultivation to the final market? 
Is it possible to stabilise the price in such a way that all those involved partake in a fair and equitable way? 

To create a space for meetings, a platform to exchange experience, an impulse to find answers to these questions, the Section for Agriculture and Demeter-International are organising the first International Biodynamic Banana Conference. It will be held in the USA from the 20th – 24th November 2019. 
In addition to expert contributions and excursions, workshops and discussion forums will take place. Key concepts underpinning the programme are: 
Biodynamic preparations, green manure, composting; 
Animals in the farm organism, resource cycle, diversification; 
Minimum price for Demeter bananas, social standards. 
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Demeter-International e.V / Section for Agriculture at Goetheanum 


The registration for the Biodynamic Banana Conference on November 19 - 22 at Lake George, NY is now open.

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Demeter-International e.V / Section for Agriculture 


Lake George, NY, USA