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Agriculture Conference 2014

The Bees, Creators of Relationships

 The Bees, Creators of Relationships


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The collapse of bee colonies is a shock for many people. Beyond the circle of bee-keepers and farmers immediately affected by the problem, we are all affected and startled, because one of the most profound symbols of our agriculture and our only domesticated insect – the bee – is in deadly peril. The weakening of the bees is a sign related to the general weakening of the life world. In recent years the bees have become an important motivator for people to join together in new initiatives aimed at protecting the bees and creating a world that can be a true home for them.

In the next Agriculture Conference at the Goetheanum, what Rudolf Steiner said about the bees will be used as a foundation to develop an understanding for these beings. In lectures, interactive workshops and short contributions we ask ourselves:

  • How can we understand the nature of the bee?

  • What are the elements to consider for bee-keeping in accordance with the

    nature of the bees?

  • What role do the bees play in the world?

  • What can each one of us do for the bees and for their environment?

  • How can we work together in alliances for the bees?

    The substantial work on these questions will be enriched and complemented by concerts, artistic courses, guided tours, professional and thematic group meetings and plenary sessions



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