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Agriculture Conference 2011

Future Workshop - Agriculture – From Burning Issues to Beacons of Light


Future Workshop - Agriculture – From Burning Issues to Beacons of Light


Conference Report 2011 (PDF)

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The old traditional forms of agriculture which, for thousands of years have
provided the foundation for human society, are dying out. When with our
modern human consciousness we decide to work for the earth as biodynamic
farmers, we are immediately challenged with burning issues. For we want to
realise a future for the earth through the biodynamic impulse.

The burning issues that we have, that our farms have, that our movement has -
all carry within them the potential for becoming beacons of light. Beacons of
light in the sense of places and times in which the future we are creating is
current and contemporary. How do we transform these burning issues into
beacons of light?

Working together through dialogue as co-responsible participants is the
objective for this 2011 conference. We will be guided through this process with
Claus Otto Scharmer and Nicanor Perlas und accompanied by artists and

This process work will be supported and stimulated each morning by a reading
and discussion of the 'Michael Letter' by Rudolf Steiner "What is the Earth in
Reality within the Macrocosm?" The earth, often considered a mere dust
particle within a dead macrocosm, is here described as the source of
germinating power for a future cosmos. The earth and also human beings is
where the old is transformed into the new.

This new form for the conference is a great experiment – How will burning
issues become beacons of light in society? We invite you to join us in daring to
make a leap into the future. What is your most burning issue? The content of
the conference is what you bring with you – please share it!

For the Council of Representatives of the Agriculture Section at the Goetheanum


Lecture Vandana Shiva, 2. February 2011, 8 pm in course of the Agriculture Conference



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