Day visit to the Goetheanum

Discover the Goetheanum and its gardenpark

In surroundings which are more and more dominated by settlements, the Goetheanum gardenpark has succeeded in maintaining an area of 12 hectares (30 acres) under cultivation. This area combines horticulture (vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants etc.) and agriculture (cows, bees) with being a public park, used for training activities and contributing to nature conservation. In the centre of the Gardenpark lies a unique artwork embedded in the local landscape: the Goetheanum building.

The Section for Agriculture, together with the Science Section, offers a day programme for visitors to get to know and experience this unique environment.


Programme for the day visit:

8.30 Welcome in the “Glashaus”

Presentation of the two Sections

Biodynamics and the multifunctionality of agriculture

The goetheanistic approach

10.00 Coffee break in the “Glashaus”

10.30 Guided tour through the Goetheanum park

12.30 Lunch in the garden

14.00 Guided tour of the Goetheanum: The piece of art, its organic architecture and its relation to the landscape

15.30 Break

16.00 Workshop (1,5 hour); themes to choose:
The biodynamic preparations
Arboriculture and tree pruning
Medicinal and dying plants
Ornamental plants
Landscaping and its relation to agriculture
Goetheanistic exercises

18.30 Supper (excl.)

20.00 Concert, eurythmy, theatre according to the programme offered on that day (excl.)

Languages: English, German, French

Tariff for a group of 8 people: CHF 800.-- Each additional person (up to 20 people max.) + CHF 35.--


For further information and to book a day visit for your group please contact:

Section for Agriculture
at the Goetheanum
Hügelweg 59
CH-4143 Dornach
Tel: +41 (0)61 706 4211
Fax: +41 (0)61 706 4215

Further Training

Dynamic Perspectives  of Nutrition


  • The dynamic quality of nutrition
  • New food
  • Maturity, quality of light and warmth in food
  • Analyzing food quality

With tasting workshop to experience quality and group exchange to impulse 
everyday life.

Programme according to your needs and wishes.
Inhouse at your location or at the Goetheanum (with guided visit).

Please contact me for dates and costs. Languages: German or English.



Ernährung – dynamisch betrachtet


  • Die dynamische Qualität der Ernährung
  • Neue Lebensmittel
  • Reife, Licht- und Wärmequalität der Nahrungsmittel
  • Untersuchung der Lebensmittelqualität

Mit Verkostung zur Erfahrung von Qualität und individueller Gruppenarbeit zur 
praktischen Umsetzung im Alltag.

Auf Ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmtes Programm.
Inhouse bei Ihnen oder am Goetheanum (mit Besichtigung).

Termine und Kosten auf Anfrage. Sprachen: Deutsch oder Englisch.