The work of the Section goes on

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Dear Supporters of the Section,
Dear Friends of the biodynamic movement

We all find ourselves in an exceptional situation. Covid-19 is changing our daily work routine, our social interactions, structures and habits.

The outer isolation, with even the Goetheanum shutting its doors, challenges us to cultivate the mental and spiritual sources of health to a particular degree and to be aware of the renewing power of nature, especially now in springtime.

We in the Section are also affected by the new regulations. We are temporarily working from home as far as possible, on reduced hours at times, and concentrating on our tasks as best we can:  

  • we are planning future events,
  • writing articles and books
  • preparing presentations for conferences,
  • finalising project reports, videos and publications and
  • supporting ongoing projects.

At the same time we are using the time to carry out further training and further development in the Section. Our team has grown so it needs new processes and procedures which we are developing together in order to come out of this challenging situation stronger.

The office is only manned part-time at present so it is best to contact us by e-mail or Skype.

In the meantime, to keep up to date with our work, please visit our websites, Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube channels. Further information is available in our newsletter which you can subscribe to free of charge.

Last, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who, despite the current difficult situation, is busy in the fields, in supermarkets, in production and logistics, marketing, training and further education, or is otherwise working for a sustainable future.

With very best wishes from the whole Section team

Back: André Hach, event organiser / Verena Wahl, team leader and project management / Jean-Michel Florin, leader of the Section, Sarah Sommer, project assistant for education, advisory services and professional groups / Dr. Jasmin Peschke, nutrition department

Front: Lin Bautze, Living Farms project, research / Ueli Hurter, leader of the Section / Johannes Onneken, graphics & web design, communications / Sandra Jakob, administration