Climate Conference 2021 - Call for Proposals

A conference from the Section for Agriculture and the Youth Section at the Goetheanum

Every year in February the biodynamic movement comes together at the Goetheanum in Dornach for the Agriculture Conference on a different theme. This year for the first time this conference is being held in cooperation with the Youth Section. The Agriculture Conference will thus become the Climate Conference 2021.

Under the current annual theme "Breathing with the climate crisis: ecological-social-spiritual" we want to shed light on climate change. We are increasingly realising that the atmospheric shell is an intimate part of the whole earth organism. Above the earthy humus skin the air, light and warmth skin of the earth breathes. No human being has consciously and deliberately changed anything. Climate change is approaching us as if from outside. The periphery, which we did not even have in mind before, speaks to us: Hey, people, wake up!

Many questions remain open and need to be discussed: each of us is responsible for "the whole thing". Are we really? To wake up with this experience is a shock: Does it make any sense to come to this earth? Can the earth even bear my footprint? For the climate youth, climate change is turning into a climate crisis - and they are calling for a change of system.

For this ecological, social and spiritual change we invite you to get involved in the conference. Contributions for the climate conference can be proposed until 25 August 2020.

In the following form you can recommend a contribution, for example a technical paper, a personal experience report or a workshop, from others or yourself. Your recommendation will then be discussed internally. Not all proposals can be considered for the conference. You will receive a feedback from us as soon as possible after the deadline.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate and contact André Hach. E-mail:


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