Listen to the farmer - Report about the journey to India by the biodynamic movement

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Sonderausgabe "Rundbrief" über die Indienreise der Sektion

In the last circular letter no.112, we announced the publication of a special issue on the recent trip to India by the Agriculture Section.  We received many very interesting articles and it has become a large and colourful document that can transport you directly to India. 

We would be delighted if this report could be distributed widely among your circle of friends and aquaintances. 

The agriculture conference of 2018 was a great success. More than 900 people from 45 countries joined us at the Goetheanum. The lecture and workshop contributions of some of our Indian friends helped make the conference a success.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles and send you warm greetings.

Agriculture Section
Jean-Michel Florin

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