About us

Jean-Michel Florin

Head of the Section

Studied agriculture and nature conservation, coordinator of the biodynamic association in France (MABD), author and editor of books and journals, expert and speaker on the subjects: Goethean botany, medicinal plants, landscape, viticulture, etc.  Since 2010 at the Section for Agriculture.

Responsibilities: Head of the Section Responsible for the professional groups olive growing, viticulture, consulting, training, landscaping, fruit growing, herbs & medicinal plants. Collaboration in the Goetheanum Leadership.

E-Mail: jean-michel.florinnoSpam@goetheanum.ch
Skype: jeanmichelflorin

Ueli Hurter

Head of the Section

Biodynamic farmer on the Ferme-Fromagerie de L'Aubier and part of the management of L'Aubier, with eco-hotel, organic restaurant, café-hotel, eco-residential area, an associatively designed company. 1997-2010 President of the Swiss Demeter Association. Since 2002 board member of the International Biodynamic Association (IBDA). Since 2010 at the Section for Agriculture.

Responsibilities: Head of the Section. Responsible for: Projects, Economic Council of the Section, preparations and seeds. Collaboration in the Goetheanum Leadership.

e-mail: ueli.hurternoSpam@goetheanum.ch


Lin Bautze

Research Associate

Studies in Global Change Management (M.Sc.) and Environmental and Resource Management (B.Sc.). Practical experience in (scientific) cooperation with and on organic farms. With the Section for Agriculture since April 2019.
Responsibilities: Project management, research support

Phone: +41 61 706 41 44
E-Mail: lin.bautzenoSpam@goetheanum.ch
Skype: Lin Bautze (Goetheanum)

André Hach

Conference Organisation and Animals on Farms

M.Sc. Management in Organic Agriculture and professional experience in event management. With the Section since April 2018.
Responsibilities: Organisation of conferences, project group "Animals on Farms".

Phone: +41 61 706 41 34
e-mail: andre.hachnoSpam@goetheanum.ch


Sandra Jakob

Secretary's Office

Phone: +41 61 706 42 12
E-mail: agriculture@goetheanum.ch

Johannes Onneken

Graphic and Web Design / Communications

Graphic designer, painter and building biologist. With the Section since October 2017.
Responsibilities: Design and implementation of the print media, the website and all other section publications. Contact for press and picture inquiries.

e-mail: johannes.onnekennoSpam@goetheanum.ch

Dr. Jasmin Peschke

Nutrition Department

Doctorate in nutrition science, working for the Demeter Association (Germany), Weleda AG (Switzerland and Germany), and bio.inspecta (Switzerland). With the Section since 2016.
Responsibilities: Responsible for nutrition questions and themes in the biodynamic environment, publications, lectures, events and projects, head of the (Sektionskreis Ernährung) Nutrition Section and the website nutrition.

Phone: +41 61 706 41 32

e-mail: jasmin.peschke(AT)goetheanum.ch / nutrition(AT)goetheanum.ch

Sarah Sommer

Professional Groups and Projects

Bachelor of Science ZFH in Environmental Engineering with an emphasis on Biological Agriculture and Horticulture. With the Section since September 2018.
Responsibilities:  Coordination of international professional groups and collaborator in projects in the areas of consulting, training, viticulture, herbs & medicinal plants, etc.

Phone: +41 61 706 41 31
e-mail: sarah.sommernoSpam@goetheanum.ch

Verena Wahl

Executive Director

Agricultural engineer, studied organic farming in Witzenhausen / Kassel. With the Section since November 2016.
Responsibilities: Finances, human resources and project coordination. Themes: Research and seeds.

Phone: +41 61 706 42 11
e-mail: verena.wahlnoSpam@goetheanum.ch 
Skype: Verena Wahl @ Goetheanum