Leading team

The Section for Agriculture is headed by a team of two: Jean-Michel Florin and Ueli Hurter. 

Jean-Michel Florin

  • Born in 1961 in France. Grew up on a little farm in the countryside
  • Studied agriculture and nature protection (BTS Protection de la Nature)
  • 1984 – 86 employed in environmental education
  • 1987 scientific academic year at the Institute for Contextual Science at the Goetheanum

Since 1988:

  • Coordinator of the Biodynamic Association in France; co-editor of the journal "Biodynamis"
  • Courses, Seminars and lectures in France and other countries for farmers, educators, therapists on the subjects: Goethean botany, medicinal plants, landscape, etc. 
  • Co-organisation of a two year training course in biodynamic farming in France
  • Translation of books
  • Active in several associations and networks working on environmental questions, goethean science and social questions (Petrarca, Bellis, PEUV etc.)
  • Since August 2010: Joint leader of the Section for Agriculture 

E-Mail: jean-michel.florinnoSpam@goetheanum.ch

Ueli Hurter

  • Born in 1961 in Zürich, Switzerland. Maturity Certificate
  • Married with Katrin Hofmann Hurter, three children
  • Agricultural apprenticeship in Switzerland, Germany and France
  • Since 1989 farmer at the biodynamic Ferme de L'Aubier with 35 ha mixed culture and an on farm cheese dairy
  • Since 1991 in the leadership of L'Aubier, www.aubier.ch. Demeter-farm, bio-hotel, bio-restaurant, café-hotel, eco-living quarters. An associatively organised corporation with direct financing.
  • 2006 onwards, development of the initiative “Zukunft säen!”, “Sowing the Future”, www.avenirsem.ch together with Peter Kunz
  • Since 1994 in the circle of representatives of the Section for Agriculture
  • 1997 – 2010 president of the Swiss Demeter association, until 2010 Swiss spokesman to Demeter-International
  • 2002 Foundation of IBDA – International Biodynamic Association – since that time in the executive board
  • Since 1st of August 2010 joint leader of the Section for Agriculture

e-mail: ueli.hurternoSpam@goetheanum.ch

André Hach

Event Management 

Since April 2018, André Hach has been a member of the event organisation staff in the Section for Agriculture. The proximity to agriculture was given by the parental farm in the Western Palatinate. Early on he developed a special interest for the coexistence of plants, insects, animals and humans. In addition to his master's degree in organic farming in Eberswalde near Berlin, he worked professionally and voluntarily in event management. He wants to make his motivation and experience fruitful at the Goetheanum in terms of sustainable agriculture.

Phone: +41 61 706 41 34

E-mail: andre.hachnoSpam@goetheanum.ch


Therese Jung

  • Born 1955 and raised in the agglomeration of Basel
  • Following school, training and graduation as a commercial clerk
  • 1989-99 managed a bio-dynamic farm in the centre of Switzerland
  • Mother of two children
  • Since 1999 collaborator at the Section for Agriculture

Phone: +41 61 706 41 12

e-mail: therese.jungnoSpam@goetheanum.ch


Johannes Onneken

Communications, Graphic and Web Design 

Phone: +41 61 706 41 33

e-mail: johannes.onnekennoSpam@goetheanum.ch

Dr. Jasmin Peschke

Coordination Center for Nutrition

studied science of nutrition, PhD on quality of carrots of different species and  cultivation methods. More than 30 years working with anthroposophy and nutrition. Assistance for Gerhard Schmidt in publishing the book „Basics of Dynamic Nutrition“. Professional experience in quality management, quality development and food processing.
Since June 2016 as coordinator for nutrition at the Section of Agriculture, the spiritual center of biodynamic agriculture at the conference center of anthroposophy in Dornach, Switzerland.
Holding lectures, giving workshops and working on the dynamics of nutrition, showing that nutrition is more than nutrients and that by the way we eat we are shaping the world.

Phone: +41 61 706 41 32

e-mail: jasmin.peschke(AT)goetheanum.ch / nutrition(AT)goetheanum.ch


Sarah Sommer

Sarah Sommer startet her work at the Section for Agriculture in September 2018. Her task is to support the international professional working groups and to assist current projects.

Raised in Freiamt, Kanton AG, Switzerland, she completed her commercial apprenticeship at the FREMO AG an apple juice production and apple vinegar factory and at the Felsenkeller AG Wine Trade. After an internship of several months at the Azienda Bioagricola La Selva in Tuscany, some insights into the gastronomy/hotel business and several years of professional experience at the Brancaia Vinothek in Zurich, she completed her Bachelor of Life Science in Environmental Engineering with a specialisation in organic agriculture at the ZHAW in Wädenswil.

e-mail: sarah.sommernoSpam@goetheanum.ch

Verena Wahl

Team and Project Coordination

Phone: +41 61 706 42 11

e-mail: verena.wahlnoSpam@goetheanum.ch