Element of the Section

This work is carried out by the coleaders Jean-Michel Florin and Ueli Hurter in collaboration with the team of the Section for Agriculture. First of all there is a considerable correspondence, research activities, projects and lectures, as well as consultations in European countries and overseas. A further task is to work with specific questions in collaboration with all the other sections, and to work with the collegium, and with other organs of the School of Spiritual Science.


At present the circle of representatives consist of 70 people from 18 countries, who, each in their own situation, endeavour to develop bio-dynamic work in connection with anthroposophy. The group of representatives meet for three days twice a year. The meetings take place every fourth occasion at a different location than the Goetheanum. The representatives discuss the topical situation of agriculture world-wide, of the treatment and the commercial side. Furthermore, the group works on the theme of the year and prepares the annual agriculture conference that takes place at the Goetheanum.

The Circular, published twice a year, takes up the respective annual theme and reports on the results of the work of the group of representatives.