The Circular, published twice yearly, deals with the current theme of the year and reports on the results of the work carried out by the leaders of the Section, the Circle of Representatives and the worldwide Biodynamic movement. The articles aim to present the themes in more detail and are often based on fundamental anthroposophical ideas. The Circular can be sent to anyone interested. Please fill out the form (below), thank you.

Editorial: Spirit and Climate
Ueli Hurter

Climate Change and Agriculture
Lin Bautze, project leader of “Living Farms”, and Ueli Hurter, co-leader of the Section for Agriculture in Dialogue

The “Biodynamic Agriculture and Hybrid Varieties” Project
Ueli Hurter

Rudolf Steiner’s “Anthroposophical Soul Calendar” –
a Companion for deepening one’s own relationship to the Course of the Seasons
Albrecht Römer

Slovenia, a Garden Country between East and West Europe
Jean-Michel Florin

Book Review
Jean-Michel Florin

Transformation through a “mind-shift diet”
Thoughts on Nutrition for the Future of human Beings and the Earth
Jasmin Peschke

The Farm Individuality and the Bees
Michael Weiler

Astronomical Influences on the Dynamics of Plant Growth
Hartmut Heilmann

Agenda 2020


Review of the Agricultural Conference 2019 on the Theme of Agri-culture Ueli Hurter

The great Unreason - The Development of Land Prices and the Causes from the Example of Holland
Tom Saat

The Spiritual in Agriculture Jean-Michel Florin

The Theme of the agricultural Organism
Biodynamic Agriculture and Salutogenesis
Jean-Michel Florin / Jasmin Peschle

The Farmer as a Meditant Christof Klemmer

The Ego needs Warmth - Thoughts on the warming, brown, adipose tissue and hot spices
Jasmin Peschke

Can I be a Vegan and Biodynamic? Bernard Jarman

Agenda 2019/20

Associative Economics - In Preparation for the coming agriculture Conference
Ueli Hurter

On the new Theme of the Year 2019-20 - The Spiritual in Agriculture
Jean-Michel Florin

The Farm Idea - Transcript of a Lecture 
Ueli Hurter

“We need developmental Research” - An overview of biodynamic research at international conference 
Sebastian Jüngel

We need analytics as well as spiritual science
Interview with Jean-Michel Florin and Verena Wahl

Agenda 2019

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