First Biodynamic Research Conference 2018

|   Investigación
5 to 8 September 2018 at Goetheanum (Dornach, Switzerland)

180 researchers and on-farm researchers from all over the world gathered for 4 days to present and exchange their results and discuss future work in the face of current agronomic, nutrition and ecological challenges (such as animal health, food quality assessment, soil fertility etc.). For the first time researchers and on-farm researches were given a plattform to work on biodynamic subjects and further evolving biodynamic food and agriculture together.

The organizing committee would like to thank all the participants and is looking forward to continuing the process of building up a biodynamic research network. The next conference will be planned as a pre-conference on biodynamic research in two years time on 21st and 22nd September 2020 in Rennes, France, just before the Organic World Congress of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

Photo J. Lismont