Biodynamic/Demeter South-East Conference

New date: 16-18th of November 2020

Dear Biodynamic farmer, dear Biodynamic/Demeter farm manager, dear colleagues

We would like to announce again our South-East conference for Biodynamic agriculture and certified Demeter projects at Rudolf Steiner Centar in Donji Kraljevec Croatia and Maribor Slovenia on 16-18th of November 2020.  Save the date!!

We were forced to postpone our conference because of the Corona virus. I hope all of you managed to overcome this difficulty well. But now, when borders are open again, we want to take up the idea again. The idea of the meeting is to bring together the Biodynamic initiatives in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Rumania, Bosnia and Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece. 

For the future of the development of Biodynamic agriculture it is important that dedicated project pioneers know each other and have the chance to exchange, to share knowledge and to deepen the understanding of their way to Biodynamics. We would like to support this development as much as possible and we are happy to invite you to two different places: to the Birth place of Rudolf Steiner, the meeting centre, and to a diverse and living Biodynamic farm both near Zagreb.

Together with the section of agriculture of the Goetheanum and Wanderschule, we look forward to exchange, learn from each other and listen to interesting contributions from theory and practise.

The organisation committee is Matjaz Turinek, Maja Kolar, Ulli Johannes König and Reto Ingold.

Please send us a feedback that you got this E-mail, if you are interested to join and to contribute,

We look forward to meet you all!


Best regards Reto Ingold



Rudolf Steiner Centar in Donji Kraljevec Croatia and Maribor Slovenia