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Good practice manual

This is the first publication of the Biodynamic Federation – Demeter International. One of the impulses for the founding of the Federation was to foster and support quality improvement in biodynamic work by inspiring and giving examples of good practice. This manual is the first example. The biodynamic preparations are an essential support for both main goals of Biodynamic Agriculture: healing the earth by creating farm organisms that are connected to cosmic influences and providing food that supports the spiritual development of mankind.

This can be understood from three different perspectives: Expression of the farm individuality when the plants and animal sheaths come from the farm itself; result of a social process when the preparations are made by a group of farmers; medicine for the earth can be created with care and precision.

This manual tries to inspire work in all these areas, and we are thankful to Anne and Rolf to have realised this intention.

Christoph Simpfendörfer, General Secretary

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