Marios Dessyllas


Italian, Greek


M. Maurogenous str., 1 GR -174 55 Alimos ATHENS GREECE

Telefon: *30-210-9888.602 (la

In folgenden Ländern habe ich praktische Erfahrung in der Beratung/in der biodynamischen Landwirtschaft

Weitere Arbeitsfelder/Spezialgebiete:
The crops I am most familiar with are olive growing (pioneer work for this sector in Greece) and viticulture (main point of interest for the last 10 years). Experience with other crops: fruit cultures/ orchards (as citrus), vegetables and arable crops.


Weitere Methoden:
Individual advice to farmers who work their own land and wish to convert to Biodynamics. Setting up of projects and group coordination (trained in WOC and NVC).. Education. "Soft research" in order to better support the potentialities of the BD method.


First Organic Olive Oil project in Greece, with F. Blaeuel & Rapunzel (1988-1991). Co-founder of the “en dynamei” group /initiative for the promotion of Biodynamics in Greece (2001-to now). Teacher of a yearly course on BD and other farming methods (2005-to now). Columnist with the “Kipouros” magazine, of “Kathimerini” newspaper, on BD & the Calendar. Editor of a Greek BD Calendar (2012 to now).


Recognitions: has been nominated “Green Angel” for his work for the organic and biodynamic idea, by the “Green Angel” initiative (see Green Angel of the Month: May 2012)

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