All Africa Anthroposophic Training

Human Development and Social Competence

August 27 - September 3 @ Kufunda Village, Zimbabwe

Conference Overview

The All Africa Anthroposophic Training has five modules, which can be visited each year, either as a single event for learning and orientation or as a whole training over five years (one week per year) to deepen ones understanding of the human being and his/her individual and social development. We started last year in Nairobi with the first course and come now to the second, held in Zimbabwe. These intensive one-week courses are giving the participants the chance to come together with colleagues from other cultures by learning in topics of mutual interest and to develop new faculties. Living under one roof and surrounded by nature that supports their Goethean plant observations and studies of the phenomenas of life, participants deepen their understanding of an approach to learning, which aims to recognize the wholeness of the human being, nature and the cosmos. In our time we need more than ever an understanding of the human being independent in whatever profession we are engaged: working with child development, farming, medicine, care, midwifing, business, leadership and social care.

The core question of this second module will be: What is Life? And in regard to the human beings’ life: “What makes it individually and socially „life- worthy“? How are the living beings connected? How can we support healthy development by a deep and concrete understanding of the processes and laws, manifesting in our individual and social development? And the most important challenge: how can we bring this wisdom about life into the daily practice of our professions to support the wellbeing of people and working processes in our environment?

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Kufunda Village, Zimbabwe