Notes for submitting a workshop proposal

We invite proposals for workshops on issues related to the conference topics. Workshops shall have a clear scope and address a specific topic, open up the space for exchange and interaction, compile knowledge and ideas, and come up with a viable outcome. This could be a compilation of knowledge, the identification of knowledge gaps and needs for action, an action plan proposal, a network proposal, etc…

  • The standard equipment of the workshop rooms are chairs, placed in a circle, in the number of participants. Please indicate all other equipment requests in the form below.
  • There are two times for workshops with 1.5 hours each. You can offer a workshop building on each other with a total of 3 hours, twice the same workshop with 1.5 hours or one that goes only once 1.5 hours.

Please send us your workshop topic and concept by June 3 with the template below.

Form for submitting a workshop proposal

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