André Tranquilini
  • Titel/Vorname/Name
    Herr André Tranquilini
  • Arbeitsgebiet (Länder, Kontinente)
    Portugal, Spain, Great Britain and Brazil
  • Beratungsschwerpunkte
    Seed production, education and preparations.
  • Kontaktinformationen
    Skype: andreluiztranquiliniferraz
    00351 910 456 042
  • Thematische Hauptgebiete
    Seed production and education
  • Methodik
    Einzel Beratung
  • Projekte/Referenzen
    Living Seeds - Sementes Vivas, The Outdoor Classroom - South Devon Steiner School - Emerson College
  • Bemerkung
    I am currently the farm manager of Living Seeds - Sementes Vivas , in Portugal. In the 25 hectares farm our focus is the production of high quality Biodynamic seeds , mainly vegetables but also pseudo-cereals. I have also managed the vegetable garden at Emerson College and have been the outdoor classroom teacher at the South Devon Steiner School for many years. As a teacher I developed a curriculum including Biodynamics and experiential learning for a wide age range. I am proud to have inspired many young people to know and practice Biodynamics. My work is also featured in the movie “The challenge of Rudolf Steiner” by Jonathan Stedall.
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