Workshops / Themed sessions / Artistic courses / Guided tours

Workshops 10.45 – 12.15

Workshops to deepen understanding and share experiences of the preparations. The intention is to encourage dialogue and enable each to speak. All workshops in two languages.

  1. Characteristics of the preparation plants – exploration and deepened perceptions (DE / EN) Brigitte von Wistinghausen, Anna Cecilia Grünn
  2. Preparation sheaths – from organism to individualising principle (DE / IT)
    Uli Johannes König, Sabrina Menestrina
  3. Applying preparations in the urban context (DE / EN) Bastiaan Frich, Peter Kearney
  4. What do I experience with water, internally and externally? (DE / FR) Karl Ebermann, Isabelle Bissonet
  5. Preparations and the seven life (and learning) processes (DE / EN) Benno Otter, Bernard Jarman
  6. Experience the preparations in eurythmy (EN / IT) Martina Geith, Giulia Cavalli, Michaela Zimmermann
  7. Experience the preparations in eurythmy (DE / FR) Sibylle Burg, Ursula Järvi Bindler, Regina Lutke Schipholt
  8. Helping thousands of small farmers work with the preparations (DE / EN) Reto Ingold, Binita Shah, David Hogg
  9. Making and caring for the preparations (FR / DE) Vincent Masson, Bruno Follador
  10. Making preparations collectively (DE / FR) Ute Rönnebeck, Ulrich Mück
  11. The quality of preparations – how they are made and stored (EN / IT)
    Carlo Noro, Michele Lorenzetti, Maja Kolar
  12. Working with preparations in Egypt and Brasil (DE / EN) Angela Hofmann, Andrea D‘Angelo
  13. Preparations and cereal/rice production (ES / DE) João Volkmann, Gabriela Volkmann
  14. Imaginative and practical work with the preparations in the Americas (ES / EN) Matias Baker, Eduardo Rincón
  15. The preparations in the Agriculture Course (DE / FR) Alain Morau
  16. Towards an understanding of the preparation plants (DE / FR) Jürgen Momsen, Jean-Michel Florin
  17. The human dimension of work with the preparations (DE / EN) Christoph Willer
  18. Experiences using potentised preparations (DE / EN) Benjamin Eppler, Jörg Lindt
  19. How to assess preparation quality using crystallisation pictures (DE / EN) Jürgen Fritz, Gaby Mergardt
  20. To separate and re-unite: plant alchemy and the preparations (EN / DE)
    Jonathan Code, Clemens Gabriel
  21. Application and storage of preparations in dry climates (ES / DE)
    Jordi Querol, Julia Querol, Almut Zöschinger
  22. Perceiving the formative forces of the compost preparations (DE / EN)
    Martin Hollerbach, Markus Buchmann
  23. Biodynamic preparations in coffee production (DE / EN) Esteban Acosta Pereira, Hermann Pohlmann

Themed sessions – Thursday 15.15 – 18.30

In these sessions, specific topics will be getting enough room for a deepened debate. Lectures from specialists and expert discussions can lead to relevant insights.

  1. Visible effects of the preparations in viticulture (DE / FR / ES / IT / EN) Moderation: Jean-Michel Florin, Georg Meißner, Christoph Simpfendörfer
  2. How the preparations affect food (DE / EN) Moderation: Jasmin Peschke
  3. Biodynamic preparations and measures for tropical agriculture (DE / EN) Moderation: Reto Ingold, Jakes Jayakaran, Andrea d’Angelo
  4. How do I integrate the preparations within my regular work? (DE / EN) Moderation: Uli Johannes König
  5. Preparations to support soil fertility (DE / EN) Moderation: Ueli Hurter, Klaus Wais
  6. Cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs and the effect of biodynamic preparations (DE / FR) Moderation: Bettina Billmann, Michaela Spaar


Artistic courses 14.00 – 15.00

  1. Eurythmy and preparations (DE / EN) Sibylle Burg
  2. Eurythmy (DE / EN) Barbara Bäumler
  3. Eurythmy (DE) Riho Peter-Iwamatsu
  4. Eurythmy (DE / ES) Anna de Millas
  5. Eurythmy and preparations (DE / IT) Giulia Cavalli
  6. Eurythmy (DE / FR) Gaëtane Fernex
  7. Clay modelling (DE / FR) Brigitte Lacau
  8. Clay modelling (DE / EN) Michaela Schädel
  9. Speech formation (DE) N.N.
  10. Speech formation (EN) Renatus Derbidge
  11. Spacial Dynamics (DE / FR) Ursula Schaller
  12. Painting (DE / IT) Esther Gerster
  13. Choral singing (multilingual) Maria Rechsteiner
  14. Choral singing (multilingual) Susanna Küffer Heer


Guided tours – Friday 15.15 – 16.30

  1. Goetheanum gardens and park (DE)
  2. General tour of the Goetheanum (DE)
  3. The main auditorium: windows and ceiling (DE)
  4. Architecture of Goetheanum and neighbouring buildings (DE)
  5. General tour of the Goetheanum (EN)
  6. (cancelled)
  7. The stained-glass windows of the main auditorium (EN)
  8. The main auditorium (EN)
  9. General tour of the Goetheanum (FR)
  10. General tour of the Goetheanum (IT)
  11. General tour of the Goetheanum (ES)
  12. Goetheanum gardens and park (NL)
  13. General tour of the Goetheanum (DK)
  14. (cancelled)
  15. The biodynamic kitchen at Sonnenhof, Arlesheim (DE)
  16. NEW: Goetheanum gardens and park (FR)
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