Viticulture Conference

International biodynamic viticulture conference

New ways for the regeneration of the Vine

Colmar (F) 16th-18th November 2012

The vine is a plant that has accompanied man since remote times. Nowadays the vine is endangered. Many diseases and the loss of the diversity of varietals present urgent problems. The fertility of the soil in vineyards is dwindling and biodiversity in vineyard landscapes is low. In their quest for solutions, ever more wine growers become interested in biodynamic wine growing.

In this context, this conference will bring interested wine growers together to discuss their experience and learn from the presentations of various contributors (Nicolas Joly, Georg Meißner and Pierre Masson have confirmed their presence).

We will be focussing on the questions: What are the foundations of biodynamic wine growing? What is the specific nature of the vine plant? How to best cultivate, care for and prune the vine? What landscape components can promote the health of the vineyard? How can we gain an in-depth understanding of the process of wine making? What is the role of the wine grower today?

To enhance the exchange, this conference will be held in three languages (German, French and English) and take place in Colmar – the historic capital of the Alsatian wine growing region. To get in touch with the work of Rudolf Steiner – the founder of anthropposophy and biodynamic agriculture – we will spend half a day in Dornach (near Basel/Switzerland) and visit the Goetheanum and its garden park – the world wide centre of Steiner initiatives (biodynamic agriculture, Waldorf pedagogy, anthroposophic medicine, etc.). This visit shall bring us closer to the roots of biodynamic wine growing.

The substantive work with questions concerning the vine will be complemented by comforting and festive moments such as tastings, dinners and performances.

For more informations and to register please contact:

Section for Agriculture, Hügelweg 59, CH-4143 Dornach

Tel. +41 61 706 42 12

Fax +41 61 706 42 15


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