Working with cosmic cycles

The effect of cosmic cycles in the practical application of biodynamic agriculture was and is taken into consideration by producers in very different ways. The approach extends from those who believe that the heavens are no longer active and that the cosmic should be sought in nature, to those who take account of cosmic cycles as exactly as they possbly can. The direct link between cosmic cycles and plants and the way it is worked out in planting calendars (especially the siderial cycle and the four element effects), touches on a great longing which many people have for a new connection with nature and the stars.

Agriculture works through the interaction of many different factors that in practice are inseparable. Each field is a fully open system. The plant grows amidst a great diversity of outer influences and responds to all these influences in a holistic way. To separate these outer influences analytically is almost impossible. Weather conditions, the local climate, the soil, the type of manuring and much else besides, all work together. Each of these conditions can affect the way a plant responds to cosmic rhythms. Another, frequently forgotten aspect, which always comes to the fore when attempting to carry out research into living processes, is the human being himself. For the cultivated plant the human being is an important part of the environment: Through his/her awareness, enthusiasm and sensitivity the human being can enhance or reduce certain influences and effects. It is interesting to look at different people on their farms or in their research gardens. Why? Because then we experience the limits to statistical research. How do we arrive at this conclusion? The natural variability and influence of human action is eliminated by statistical evaluation. We can meet farmers who work very effectively with cosmic rhythms.

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