Livestock management

Dr. Anet Spengler Neff

The approach taken and recommended by Rudolf Steiner in the Agriculture Course, is a process of entering into the being of the animal and taking the way it lives as a starting point in order to understand it. Whoever takes this approach cannot but create the conditions that will enable the animals to reveal their true nature and make the best possible contribution to the farm. This approach will become effective when lots of individuals start to use them, pass them on to others and implement them. Farming methods will then start to change and the keeping of livestock will become self sustaining and species appropriate in more and more places.

Sustainable livestock systems are always possible when animals are able to show and live out their special capacities and are provided with the right environmental context. Livestock farming can then always contribute towards creating an intact environment and a creatively diverse, soul filled world. The only condition is that we understand the animals correctly.

A good animal-human relationship makes the development of new capacities in both animals and humans possible. Part of the reason for keeping farm animals as well as pets could well be this common development process. It is a soul development and not only one that furthers the ecological and ethical development of the food economy.

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