Tanja Baumgartner (Switzerland), eurythmist, developed Eurythmie Massage, since 2000 research on eurythmy with water, plants and medicines. 2007 foundation of the ArteNova institute for Eurythmy in research and art.  Several research projects, e.g. in collaboration with the university of Bern, CH.

Vera Billing (Denmark), is Swedish and works as gardener and artist. Working practically with biodynamics for around 25 years. Had a small biodynamic farm with fruittrees, mostly apples. Works for many years with old trees without the ’production perspective' and is trying to understand them. Is giving workshops, talks and publishes.

Niklaus Bolliger (Switzerland), studied agronomy (ETH Zürich,CH) with Praktika on biodynamic farms. Bought a farm in Switzerland and converted it to biodynamic agriculture with fruit and vegetable as main crops. since 1995 intense work in breeding of apples and 2004 foundation of the association Poma Culta to support researchin biodynamic fruit cultivation.

Christine Brugger (Switzerland and Germany), sensory scientist grew up on a biodynamic pioneer farm with fruit cultivation. In the past 15 years she was leading international sensory research projects, founded the company Aroma/Reich located in Zurich in 2011 with consulting and schooling of individual sensory perception. Focussed in her work particularly on the sensory of apples,creating the worlds' first flavour wheel for apples as well as the booklet "Geschmacksbegegnungen Apfel".

Markus Buchmann (Switzerland), laboratory assistant performed the scientific academic year at the Institute for Contextual Science at the Goetheanum, was freelance coworker in the cereal breeding Peter Kunz (Switzerland) for 20 years and is co-founder and board member in the society for the research on forming forces.

Mehmet Cetin (Turkey), agronom with a MSc in entomology, scientific coworker in the department of plant protection at the agricultural faculty of the Ege University. Since 2000 consultant in farming specially for organic and biodynamic farming at ISIK TARIM A. S., Turkey. At the moment leader of the cultivation department.

Albrecht Denneler (Germany), farmer and teacher of horticulture, education at the free school of agriculture lake of Constance and study year at the Dottenfelderhof. Since 1992 Komplementary of the farm community Dottenfelderhof KG, focus of work is fruit and vegetable cultivation and shaping of landscape.

Jean-Michel Florin (France), studied agriculture and nature protection and performed the scientific academic year at the Institute for Contextual Science at the Goetheanum. Worked in the environmental education and since 1988 as coordinator of the Biodynamic Association in France. Since 2010 Co-Leader

Etienne Fumery (France), farmer in the south-west of France on a biodynamic farm with 35ha mixed cultures, plant breeding and 7ha fruit cultivation. The breeding and the vegetables will be taken over and developped further by his children. Since 2010 teacher in biodynamic farming. On his farm there are professional formations with are organized together with the biodynamic association in France.

Ueli Hurter (Schweiz), Co-Leader of the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum. At the same time farmer and management of L' Aubier, a Demeter-farm, bio-hotel, bio-restaurant, café-hotel and eco-living quarters.

Reto Ingold (Schweiz), agronomist, also studied teacher for schools of agriculture and education in biodynamic farming. International consultant and instructor for biodynamic agriculture.

Piet Korstanje (The Netherlands), educated in fruitgrowing and landscaping. Was development aid worker in Kenya, in 1977 he took over the farm of his parents and converted it to biodynamics. Since 1991 fruitgrower on the farm “Boomgaard Ter Linde” in Oostkapelle, NL, with 22 ha apples and pears. Coordination of the International Working Group for biodynamic fruitgrowing since 1991.

João Jacó Kranz (Brazil), biodynamic farmer in Brazil, since 2004 Demeter-certified, with mainly citrus cultivation, member of the cooperative Ecocitrus, producing essential oils of citrus fruits.

Jean-Luc Petit (France), consultant for organic and biodynamic farming in France and other countries since 30 years. Organic farmer since 23 years. Focus on cultivation of fruit, wine and vegetables specially in consultancy and formation in an own schooling center Le Chant des Arbres.

Jan-Albert Rispens (Austria), biologist, researcher and since 2014 collegue in the section for natural science at the Goetheanum. Working with trees and misteltoe, is teacher and educator for adults. Leading the study year for anthroposophic science of nature and man (in Klagenfurt, Austria). Since 2010 initiator and coworker at the formation of goetheanistic-antrhoposophic natural science.

Francesco Salamita (Italy), is consultant and speaker internationally,grew up on a citrus farm in Sicily, studies agronomy in Torino (Italy) and founded the cooperative Salamita Società Cooperativa in 1971. Converted the family owned farm to biodynamic farming and founded the biodynamic association Demetra as well as Demter Italia, was memebr in the circle of representatives at the section for agriculture until 2013.

Matjaž Turinek (Slowenia), Bachelor in agriculture and PhD with biodynamic research, after a while as researcher in organic and biodynamic questions he today is biodynamic farmer on a CSA supported farm with vegetable, fruit and cereals.

Kajetan Vill (Italy), educated gardener focussed on fruit cultivation in Vinschgau, South Tirol, Italy. Will take over the biodynamic fruit farm of 6ha of his parents, mainly cultivation apples.

Jean-Paul Zusslin (France), biodynamic vintner in the Alsace on a 16ha winery, which is family owned since 1691.

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