Youth and Agriculture

In the flow of time, the development of humankind has been mirrored by nature and agriculture. During the past centuries, the face of the landscape has changed significantly.

Ecology as well as the quality of food have become topics to discuss by society.
Also, the beginning of biodynamic agriculture can be dated a hundred years ago. That way, another option to conventional agriculture was given through the depth of anthroposophy.

Already Novalis said: “But where there is danger, also grows the saving power.”

Where are we standing today?
Which ways are opening up to the young people that want to join the agricultural movement nowadays?
What means biodynamic agriculture to us?

We would like to let us be moved by these questions and also take a look at a few short texts from Rudolf Steiner.

We would like to invite young people to come, meet and exchange.

On Wednesday we’ll meet for breakfast in the Glashaus at 9 am. The meeting begins at 10 am. The first part finishes at 11.15 am.

During the official part of the conference on Friday, we’ll meet at 3.15 pm.

Please contact pracharjirka(AT) to register for the time before the conference starts and bring enough food for breakfast.

P.S. As youth we understand everyone up until the 35th birthday.

For overaged that would like to join it shouldn’t be a problem, but we kindly ask you to contact us first.

We are looking forward meeting you.
Winter greetings,
Jiří & Judith


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