Professional and thematic group meetings at the Agriculture Conference 2017

Group meetings on Thursday or/and Friday at 3.15 pm (see table) - Information is continually updated - No registration required -
Group Languages Th Fr
Meeting of participants from tropical countries English German Spanish Portuguese
Horticulture / Agriculture and Pedagogy German English X X
School of spiritual science German X
Economic circle German X
Biodynamic viticulture German French X X
Beekeeping and soil fertility German X X
Medicinal plants German English French X X
Sustainability of organic farms without (or with few) animals German Englisch X
The soil fertility fund - alliance for soil fertility German X X
The farm as a space for encounter German
Seminary work on the Michael letter German X
Veterinarians German English Italian X
Biodynamic landscaping in agriculture and garden German English X X
Biodynamics and media German English X X
Farm talks - methods, instruments and goals: How to start? German English Spanish X X
Coordination center for nutrition German English X

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