Leading team

The Section for Agriculture is headed by a team of two: Jean-Michel Florin and Ueli Hurter.

Jean-Michel Florin lives in Colmar, France, and besides his leading role at the Section for Agriculture he is the coordinator of the French Biodynamic Association (http://www.bio-dynamie.org)

Ueli Hurter lives near Neuchâtel in Switzerland and alongside his work as leader of the Section for Agriculture, he is co-manager of the entreprise L'Aubier (http://www.aubier.ch) and co-founder of the initiative „Sowing the future“ (http://www.avenirsem.ch).


Jean-Michel Florin

  • Born in 1961 in France. Grew up on a little farm in the countryside
  • Studied agriculture and nature protection (BTS Protection de la Nature)
  • 1984 – 86 employed in environmental education
  • 1987 scientific academic year at the Institute for Contextual Science at the Goetheanum

Since 1988:

  • Coordinator of the Biodynamic Association in France; co-editor of the journal "Biodynamis"
  • Courses, Seminars and lectures in France and other countries for farmers, educators, therapists on the subjects: Goethean botany, medicinal plants, landscape, etc. 
  • Co-organisation of a two year training course in biodynamic farming in France
  • Translation of books
  • Active in several associations and networks working on environmental questions, goethean science and social questions (Petrarca, Bellis, PEUV etc.)
  • Since August 2010: Joint leader of the Section for Agriculture 

Ueli Hurter

  • Born in 1961 in Zürich, Switzerland. Maturity Certificate
  • Married with Katrin Hofmann Hurter, three children
  • Agricultural apprenticeship in Switzerland, Germany and France
  • Since 1989 farmer at the biodynamic Ferme de L'Aubier with 35 ha mixed culture and an on farm cheese dairy
  • Since 1991 in the leadership of L'Aubier, www.aubier.ch. Demeter-farm, bio-hotel, bio-restaurant, café-hotel, eco-living quarters. An associatively organised corporation with direct financing.
  • 2006 onwards, development of the initiative “Zukunft säen!”, “Sowing the Future”, www.avenirsem.ch together with Peter Kunz
  • Since 1994 in the circle of representatives of the Section for Agriculture
  • 1997 – 2010 president of the Swiss Demeter association, until 2010 Swiss spokesman to Demeter-International
  • 2002 Foundation of IBDA – International Biodynamic Association – since that time in the executive board
  • Since 1st of August 2010 joint leader of the Section for Agriculture

Therese Jung

  • Born 1955 and raised in the agglomeration of Basel
  • Following school, training and graduation as a commercial clerk
  • 1989-99 managed a bio-dynamic farm in the centre of Switzerland
  • Mother of two children
  • Since 1999 collaborator at the Section for Agriculture


Dr. Jasmin Peschke

Thomas Lüthi (retired)

  • Born in 1947 in Zürich. Raised in the city, but frequent holidays in the countryside.
  • In 1968 concluded his training in biodynamic agriculture at the Warmonderhof in Holland.
  • 1968-69 he worked as a gardener in a Camphill in Southern England.
  • 1970-74 he worked as a gardener in the Rudolf Steiner Seminar in Järna, Sweden and participated in the foundational and pedagogical training.
  • Since 1974 he has built up the biodynamic training and the training centre   Skillebyholm in Järna, initially as a gardener, later giving courses and lectures. Since 2010 he is responsible for the years 2 and 3 of the full-time and part-time biodynamic training courses.
  • He is active in the Swedish Demeter Association and in Demeter International.
  • From August 2010 until May 2017 joint leader of the Section for Agriculture.
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