Alliance ELIANT

Human worth and individual development are core values of European culture. In order for these values to become a reality for all European citizens, freedom of choice is not enough. Instead, there must also be the opportunity to freely choose, especially in the areas of upbringing, education and health. 

ELIANT was founded in order to not only maintain but expand these opportunities to choose. The founders of the ELIANT Alliance are the European umbrella organizations that represent the various initiatives of Rudolf Steiner’s applied anthroposophy – in the areas of agriculture and nutrition, medicine and health care, education, therapeutic pedagogy, and social therapy.


We – the co-workers and supporters of ELIANT Alliance - seek to join with people and organizations who share similar values to make a civic contribution to greater quality of life and cultural diversity in Europe.  The motto for our work comes from Goethe’s “The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.” “One alone does not help, but rather he who unites with others at the right time."


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